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Phoenix x3
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Update Return of the Queen Ant + Bonus Start !

Dear friends, today we are pleased to announce the update installation date!

The installation of the update on the server will begin on Friday, April 30 at 15:00 Moscow time

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Global Update!

Dear friends, today we wanted to raise the curtain and share the plans for the Phoenix x3 server!

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Winter Bonus Start!

On February 5th at 20:00 we are launching Winter Start Bonus#2, and we are making discounts on MultiWorld Seals 20% until February 19 (inclusive).

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Lineage 2 Server MultiWorld

The multiworld server was created by players for players! MMO Lineage2 can not be called new — this is an old, good-quality game that several generations have managed to try out. And yet, despite its popularity, there was always something missing on the official servers. So there were private servers Lineage2, which has everything that makes the game more interesting. Including multiworld. Features of multiworld The Phoenix server from the Multiworld project is an optimal build on the 2019 version, Prelude of War, Part 3, but the in-game content and class balance correspond to the more popular Lineage2 chronicles of 2011, High Five. Thus, it will be comfortable for both real fans of the game and beginners who first looked into the legendary MMO. Every multiworld user will be able to find something to their liking in Lineage2. The first thing to note is the x3 rate on this L2 server. This means that multiworld players get three times more gold, experience and drop when killing mobs. As a result, character pitching is still an important element of Lineage2. However, in the version from multiworld, it does not grow into a routine need to clean up the same location for hours, which, by the way, repelled many fans of the line. Secondly, the server is customized. multiworld players can use options that are closed on official Lineage2 servers, such as disabling animations in certain locations, disabling champion respawn, or selecting auto-hunt range via special (.cfg) commands. If this is already intriguing, you should download Lineage as soon as possible — the server from multiworld opened recently, which means everyone has a chance to become the best of the best! Olympus Lineage2 is waiting for new heroes. Auto-hunting in multiworld One of the most attractive aspects of our Lineage2 server is that it has auto-hunting! There is even a special Telegram bot from multiworld that will notify you if the character was killed. Comfortable? Not the right word. Especially if the player's goal is PvP, because he will not have to mess with PvE in Lineage2. With weekly sieges, land battles, and epic boss raids, having an auto-hunt becomes invaluable as preparing for PvP becomes much easier. It will only take a few days to prepare for large-scale battles in the world of Lineage2. It is worth noting separately that the Phoenix has disabled the limit of most characteristics, which is common for Lineage2, and there is a multiproff (multiskill/multiproff). multiworld servers open up unlimited possibilities for L2 cartoon fans who love to create truly unique characters. The variety is simply amazing! The feature will be especially interesting for multiworld users who prefer the PvP side of Lineage2. With multiprofile battles against other players are unpredictable and extremely interesting. Sharpening On the Lineage2 server from Multi World, there are special rules for sharpening items: Jewelry and armor can be sharpened to +20. Weapons — up to +21. When improving equipment from R grade, sharpening decreases: for weapons by -5, for armor by -2. On the multiworld server, there are sharpeners that not only do not break your equipment, but also do not reset the modification level. multiworld admins also changed the chance of successfully sharpening items. The Chinese random, so familiar to those who played Lineage on official servers, is a thing of the past. Server Multiprofit Phoenix (x3) from MultiWorld is now ready to accept new residents! It remains to download Lineage2 and become part of the active game world.

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